Don't Waver in Your Believing

For let not that man [the man who wavers] think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. (James 1:7)

The next night, the same thing happened again. This particular woman stood up before the offering was taken and said, "Pastor, I feel that we should continue to pray for Sister ______. The doctor thought that she would die last night.

"You know, I live next door to her, and I was there at eight o'clock this morning when the doctor checked on her. He said, 'She's past the crisis. She has come out of it. Get her out of bed and let her sit in a chair two or three times a day. She's going to make it.'"

Because of our praying, God touched this woman who was given up to die. Now notice what the woman in the congregation said.

She continued, "But she's still terribly weak. [Naturally, she would be. She's been bedfast and has just come through a crisis.] We know God touched her, all right. Let's pray that God would complete the work."

(Remember, we prayed for a completed work the night before.)

Then the pastor said, "That's right. I was at her house to see her today. We know God touched her. Even the doctor admits that she's out of danger and she's going to make it. Let's stand up and pray for her again."

I will not waver in my faith. I will not undo the effects of my prayers through doubt and unbelief. What God said, He will do, and I praise Him for it!