Confession for Walking in Wisdom

  1. Lord your wisdom is more profitable than silver and its wages are better than gold (Prov 3:14).
  2. Let wisdom multiply my days and add years to my life (Prov 9:11).
  3. Lord, I will obey your commands so that I will grow in wisdom (Ps 111:10).
  4. Fill me with your spirit, O God and give me great wisdom ability and expertise in all kinds of crafts (Exodus 31:3).
  5. I will keep silent, O God. Teach me wisdom (Job 33:33).
  6. Lord, grant me wisdom so that I may also have good judgment, knowledge and discernment (Prov 8:12).
  7. I pray that my life pleases you, O God that you might grant me wisdom, knowledge and joy (Eccles 2:26).