Brother Raj's Testimony on Finance

Beloved brothers and sisters, it is a privilege for me to share about some of the great financial blessings God has bestowed upon me.

Some years ago, I lost my job. I remember very clearly that day and hour when it seemed my world had been turned upside down. My head seemed to have stopped working. I was not making much money my friends and we had just bought a house and the payment was already going to take most of my income. Now no job meant that I could lose the house, my family and I had just purchased.

Only one person’s name came into my head and that was Pastor Hendry Latchman. May the Lord continue to bless this great man of God for all the wonderful works he is doing for His kingdom. Of course, I called him and told him my situation. He comforted and prayed for me. As a matter of fact, he assured me that everything will be OK. 

Following this, I printed out some business cards and started a small business. I was also hanging out with the man of God and going with him everywhere to attend meetings, pray for people and help him out in whatever way I could. During the time I had my job, I never paid my tithes and offerings. Pastor Hendry had often spoken to me on this subject but I had ignored his advice. Now after losing my job, I took out $20 a week from my savings account and paid it as my tithes although I got only a couple of jobs or no job at all. Pastor Hendry started training me in the word, explaining things in a very clear language using everyday examples which made more sense of the bible to me then it had in all the years I was a Christian. I remember spending most of my time helping the man of God in whatever way possible. Some might say I am bragging a lot about this man but I saw the Jesus in him that I had not seen in others. His lifestyle was a pure sign of his service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As crazy as it sounds, I saw so many miracles and signs when the Pastor prayed in the name of Jesus that some might call me a liar and a lunatic if I started talking about them. It seemed I was in a boot camp with the man of God for about three to four months following closely all the instruction and teachings he gave me, built firmly on the foundation of the Bible. I remember afterwards, as I faithfully paid my tithes and offerings for the Lord’s work, I started seeing changes, not only in my financial status but a big difference in my spiritual life. At times the Holy Spirit would talk to me while I will be praying and instruct me what to do next. The Pastor had often talked to me about how God leads his people by His Spirit. He used to tell me about these great men of God who had influenced his life and recommended some of their books. And boy was I blessed after reading, learning and applying the teachings.

My friends, I received a call after some months from a company that I had not applied at and they offered to pay me way more than what I used to make. In less than a year they gave me two pay raise which was a descent amount and truly a great blessing from the Lord. After a year, this company laid me off and I was thinking of taking a break from work but the Lord had something better for me. Another company called me and offered me more than what I was making before and of course I never applied for this job either. Just as my contract was about to end up with this company, the main company offered me a full time job with wonderful benefits and great pay. Of course I took it for I knew this was from the Lord. I was praying to God for a specific amount of pay so I could meet my necessities and have some savings also. The Lord was not only gracious but looked upon me with so much mercy and compassion that tears come into my eyes when I think about His goodness upon a sinful man like me. It is true that we all make mistakes but wisdom is in him who learns and seeks forgiveness from Him who alone is able to forgive us and wash us from all unrighteousness.

My prayer for everyone is that they realize how precious they are in the eyes of God and how much he desires to bless you. It is true that there are conditions for each blessing. It is not hard to meet these conditions if you really love Him. As I continue to work with my Pastor for God’s kingdom, I encourage that we all put in our best for He alone is worthy. Be faithful in little and he will give you much. For His word says in Luke 16:10

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

There is so much to talk about but I don’t want to make this testimony too long for time sake. God bless you all.

Thanks for Reading