Sister Manju's Testimony 1

Praise The Lord,

This is a testimony about my youngest son. He is a joy to my world. He loves The Lord very much. At one time in his life he became very upset with The Lord. He asked The Lord for a request in his prayer and it never was answered. I also did not back him up much in this prayer because I also felt that wasn’t something good for him. So he stopped praying and also stopped giving his tithes and offering. In my personal prayer time I always lifted him up to the Lords presence and asked The Lord to forgive him and heal him of his stubbornness. Whenever I got the opportunity I would encourage him with the word of God. I knew he needed Jesus and without him we are nothing. In the meantime he accumulated all this debt in his credit card. One day he came to me and asked me if I could pray with him for one of his exams. I was so happy and I asked him to repent of his sins and lets ask The Lord to forgive us both for everything that is not pleasing to him in us.
After that I asked The Lord to give my son success in his test and if he forgot anything he had studied bring it to his remembrance. My son came home rejoicing saying mum prayer works. He could not remember the answers to some of the questions and it came to him automatically. Well I know it was not automatically, it was the Holy Spirit bringing it to his remembrance.

So I told him prayer always works. Jesus loves him and he should start talking to him again and paying his tithes. Jesus always wants the best for you.

I told him he is also able to pay off all his debts. My son became faithful in tithes and offering. One day I told him to round off his tithes to the nearest dollar and stop putting coins. He told me that Malachi 3:10 tells him to bring his full tithes to the house of The Lord and that was the full tithes. I told him if you round it off to the nearest dollar that could be tithes and offering. He told me he was not going to tip Jesus because Jesus was not waiting at his table. He said his offering is more than his tithes. I loved him for that. Within months he was able to pay off his credit cards and bring it to $0.00. The Lord is so awesome and wonderful.

Mothers I would like to encourage you to pray with your children. Take their requests to The Lord. The Lord answers prayers and loves your children very much. Remember his mercy endures forever.