Sister Manju's Testimony 2

Praise The Lord, 

This is a testimony about my son. My name is Manju. I have two wonderful sons that The Lord has blessed me with. My older son came to me one day and asked me to pray for a job that he was applying for. I told him to agree with me on Mathew 18:19 so he did. After some weeks, he was called for an interview and was hired.

The lord gave him success in his job. After a couple of weeks later he told me that there was an opening at his work for another position and he wanted that position. I asked him if he believed that The Lord could do that for him. He said yes. As we were praying for this position for him the company put a freeze on this position. It was no longer open for people to apply. My son was very disappointed. At that time I told him that he does not have to be upset because The Lord was able to reopen that position and I knew nothing was impossible with my God. I stood firm on the word of God for almost two years on John 14:14. I never stopped thanking the Lord for his promotion.  The Lord reopened that same position after almost two years. My son told me about it and said he wanted to apply for it, but he said that there were other people in his company who were applying for the same position and they had more seniority.

Once again I asked him to agree with me on Mathew 18:19 and quit doubting God. The word of God tells us that those who doubt receive nothing from The Lord. Mark 11:24 tells us that whatsoever things you desire when you pray believe that you receive them and you shall have them. Both my son and I stood on Mathew 18: 19. After four interviews and out of many people who applied, my son received his answer. The Lord is always faithful. He always wants to give the best to his children. One thing I have taught my children is that the tithe, which is ten percent of your income and the offering, belongs to The Lord. Never come empty handed in his house. He is the source of all our blessings.