7 Things to Pray for Rhema Bible Church

Father God, I pray the following for Rhema Bible Church:

  1. Every member is hungry and thirsty for God.
  2. Every member walks in love towards God and people.
  3. Every member is faithful in honoring God with their time, talent, resources and wealth.
  4. Every member wins seven souls this year.
  5. There are greater manifestations of miracles and healings in our church.
  6. There is spiritual growth, unity and understanding in our congregation.
  7. Church building with the following  features:
    1. 500 plus capacity.
    2. 150 vehicle parking capacity.
    3. Room for Pastor’s office.
    4. Room for Sunday school (adult/children).
    5. Has a banquet hall and kitchen.
    6. Location is Hayward, CA.

In Jesus wonderful name, I receive the answer right now. I believe it is done. Amen.