Prayer Points for President, Nation, Elected Officials and Church

  1. Pray for President Trump to walk humbly before the Lord.

  2. Pray for Godly counsel to be released to President Trump and received by him. 

  3. Pray for President Trump to be strengthened in his inner man with power through the spirit, to discern good and evil, to be strong in the Lord and to fulfill his calling.

  4. Pray for President to have ears to hear what the spirit is saying, to have lips that speak divine decisions and to have a mind that does not err in judgement.

  5. Pray for President Trump to be anointed to stir America in a Christian direction.

  6. Pray for believers to seek God first about who to vote for in elections.

  7. Pray for the body of Christ to seek God in repentance.

  8. Pray for those in authority.

  9. Pray for God’s people to be elected to leadership.

  10. Lift the fear of politics off the church.

  11. Cry out for mercy for America.

  12. Pray for the sleepy church to awaken to the perilous times in which we are living.

  13. Ask God for His kindness to lead us to repentance.

  14. Pray for church leaders to have utterance with boldness concerning abortion, radical feminism and racism.

  15. Pray for light and truth to be released over our nation.

  16. Pray for the church to take a stand for life.

  17. Pray to God to rescue women from the deception of feminism.

  18. Pray that God would open our eyes to truth.

  19. Pray that God would expose the rebellion, the racism, and the death hiding in this movement of feminism. 

  20. Pray that God would deliver us from evil.

  21. Sound the alarm. Call for the church to rise up; ask God to again awaken the church.

  22. Pray for the spirit of prayer to touch hearts.

  23. Pray that President Trump will not grow weary in well doing and will not lose heart (Gal 6:9). 

  24. Pray for God to keep the President from stumbling and to make him stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy (Jude 1:24).

  25. Call for truth, light and righteousness to be released over our nation.

  26. Pray for the heart of our nation to be turned back to God.

  27. Pray for a prayer movement; for a chorus of prayer to be released over our nation.

  28. Ask for divine protection for President Trump. 

  29. Pray for baby boomers to arise and be encouraged and to pray for our elections.

  30. Pray for our spiritual leaders to have courage to speak about elections, abortion and racism in the pulpits.

  31. Pray for an anointing of wisdom upon the older generation.

  32. Pray for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to come upon the baby boomers.

  33. Pray that God would mend the heart of baby boomers.

  34. Pray for the baby boomers to seek wisdom and strength.

  35. Pray for the baby boomers to be restored and to be healed.

  36. Pray the full armor of God over the baby boomers.

  37. Pray that the baby boomers would rise up again, take their place in the front lines of the army of God and go to war.

  38. Pray for God’s anointing upon this book so that all who read it will be stirred to rise up and pray for our president and nation.