Pulling Down Strongholds

Lord, I recognize that by virtue of my relationship with You, I have entered into active warfare with the kingdom of Satan.

My first step is to declare my absolute allegiance to You, Lord Jesus— the Captain of the Lord’s host, and my Lord and Savior. I commit myself to You and Your leadership unreservedly, and I place my life fully in Your hands. As Your Word explains, I equip myself now with the full armor of God so that I can stand victorious in this battle. I also pull down, in the name of Jesus, any stronghold or strong man in my life that hinders me. Lord Jesus, help me in this battle, so that I can follow You without obstruction.

Next, Lord, I remove any high place in my life that may be hindering me— any allegiance to an old pattern or religious practice that may be offensive to You. I lay it down now, Lord, and I place it at Your feet. I will join with my fellow believers in coming together into that one place that God the Father has authorized for worship—into the mighty and powerful name of Jesus.

Now, Lord, all that I am, and all that I have, I commit fully to You. I offer myself to You as one who will engage in spiritual warfare for the sake of Your kingdom, one who will pull down strongholds in Your name— not only individual strongholds but also national ones . And I will be one who removes the high places in my own life and in the realm of the church. Please use me, for the sake of Your kingdom and Your eternal purposes. Amen!