10 Ways to Pray for Israel

Below are 10 specific ways you can pray for Israel today. For a complete list of suggested prayer topics, explore the resources available on the DPPJ website.

1. Restoration and Reconciliation – Pray for:

  • Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world to be restored and reconciled to God through faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah
  • God to continue restoring the Land of Israel and that the nation will recognize that this is from His hand, not their own efforts
  • Reconciliation between Jewish and Christian people, Jewish and Arab people – in the Land of Israel and all over the world

2. Watchmen - – Pray for:

  • God to raise up “watchmen” in each nation of the world who are dedicated to praying for Israel and the Jewish people
  • Houses of prayer worldwide to develop a heart to pray for Israel and the Jewish people
  • Growth in strategic prayer for Israel today around the world

3. Peace and Protection – Pray for:

  • Guidance and wisdom for Israeli and world leaders pursuing peace for Israel
  • Protection from the plans of Israel’s natural and spiritual enemies
  • All involved would recognize that true peace will only come from God

4. Fighting Terror, Radical Islam and Jihad – Pray for:

  • All terror plots to be exposed and stopped
  • The terror groups themselves to disintegrate from within and people trapped in them to encounter the true and living God who loves them
  • Guidance for Israeli police, military and security forces in their efforts to stop the violence
  • Emotional, psychological and physical healing for victims of terrorism

5. Fair and Honest Media Coverage – Pray for:

  • Clarity for the media to report fully and accurately about Israel today and the Middle East conflict
  • Exposure of imbalanced reporting, and coverage of the true Palestinian refugee story and misconceptions about “Palestine”

6. Fighting Anti-Semitism – Pray for:

  • Exposure of anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it occurs and that it would no longer be tolerated or minimized
  • Believers throughout the world to speak up against anti-Semitism and to defend the Jewish people
  • Increased growth and engagement in pro-Israel prayer initiatives on college campuses

7. Israel’s Leaders – Pray for:

  • Wisdom and integrity for all of Israel’s leaders including Prime Minister Netanyahu, members of the Knesset (ruling body) and Israeli Defense Forces
  • God’s guidance on how to specifically address relations and situations arising with the Palestinians, neighboring Arab nations, Iran and other countries with radical Islamic ideology

8. Israel’s Children and Youth – Pray for:

  • Strengthening of families in Israel today to guard children against the world’s temptations
  • Young people in Israel – both male and female – to turn to God as they prepare for their mandatory military service, cope with terror incidents, and heal from loss

9. The Needy, Forgotten and Vulnerable in Israel – Pray for:

  • Care and healing for the broken, vulnerable or needy in Israel – including elderly Holocaust survivors, struggling immigrants and the homeless
  • Aid, sustenance and wholeness for the forgotten, overlooked, discarded or misjudged

10. Strong Alliance between America and Israel – Pray for:

  • Continuing support of U.S. leaders to courageously stand as allies with Israel and speak out to protect Israel’s rights
  • Increased support for Israel among members of Congress and the general public