Divine Restraining Order against Marriage Breakers

Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate (Mark 10:9).

HEAVENLY FATHER, I stand in Your royal courtroom because of the blood and finished work of Jesus on the cross. I have come to receive Your righteous judgment over my life. Heavenly Father, I ask that the Courts of Heaven be seated according to Daniel 7:10. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Heavenly Father, I call upon Your holy angels to be witnesses to this legal and righteous transaction. I also decree and declare that all the demonic entities, institutions, and human beings who will be impacted directly by the divine restraining order that I am requesting will be duly notified by Your holy angels who service the Courts of Heaven, in Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I decree and declare that every demonic entity, earthly institution, and human being will respect, honor, and abide by Your righteous judgment, in Jesus’ mighty name.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I repent for any and everything that would be stopping my marriage from becoming heaven here on earth. Heavenly Father, even as I stand in the Court I present myself as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before You according to Romans 12:1. Lord, I repent before You for any place of sin concerning wrong motives, wrong intentions, or any place where I have not guarded my heart. Lord Jesus, wash me with Your blood so Satan has no legal footing to resist any divine restraining order I need from Your Supreme Court.

HEAVENLY FATHER, Your Word says that Jesus is my faithful Advocate before the Righteous Judge in the Courts of Heaven. Lord Jesus Christ, I summon You as my Advocate to help me plead my case before the Righteous Judge for a divine restraining order against any and all marriage breakers. Lord, it is not Your will for my marriage to be harassed by spirits that destroy marriages, in Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I present before Your Supreme Court the following scriptures as evidence why You should grant me a divine restraining order against any and all marriage breakers.

It is written:

Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate (Mark 10:9).

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge (Hebrews 13:4).

HEAVENLY FATHER, based upon the aforementioned scriptures, it is clear that if the Court does not impose a divine restraining order against these “marriage breakers” on my behalf, the devil will cause great injury to my life, destiny, and inflict irreparable damage to the purposes of God. Heavenly Father, I repent for my sin, transgressions, and for the iniquities of my bloodline that opened a door for these “marriage breakers” to attack my marriage. Lord, every sin of my forefathers that the enemy would be using as a legal right to build cases against me and to deny me a glorious marriage, I ask that the blood of Jesus would just wash them away. I ask that every legal right the devil has over my life be revoked, in Jesus’ glorious name.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I also repent for all covenants with demons that have existed in my ancestral bloodline. Lord, I ask that any agreement with demons would be rescinded. Lord, any demonic right to claim me and my bloodline is now dismissed before Your courts, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Lord, for revoking these demonic covenants and altars in Jesus’ mighty name!

HEAVENLY FATHER, I divorce myself from any and all “marriage breakers” that are after my marriage. I give back everything that the devil, messengers of Satan, and demonic altars would say came from them. I only want what the blood of Jesus secured for me. Heavenly Father, I now ask that a divine restraining order against marriage breakers be issued over my life by Your Supreme Court. In Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I decree that all demonic spirits and agencies that Satan is orchestrating against me are now rendered powerless in Jesus’ glorious name. Heavenly Father, I receive this divine restraining order by faith, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Prayer Taken From the Book, “Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven” by Francis Myles.