Releasing the Arrows of the Lord

I release the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance in my life (2 Kings 13:17).

I release Your sharp arrows into the heart of the King’s enemies (Ps. 45:5).

Ordain and release Your arrows against my persecutors (Ps. 7:13).

Send out Your arrows, and scatter the enemy (Ps. 18:14).

Make my enemies turn their back with Your arrows upon Your strings (Ps. 21:12).

Shoot out Your arrows, and destroy them (Ps. 144:6).

Send Your arrows abroad (Ps. 77:17).

Send out arrows of light into the kingdom of darkness (Hab. 3:11).

Heap mischief upon them, and spend Your arrows upon them (Deut. 32:23).

Shoot Your arrows upon them, and let them be wounded suddenly (Ps. 64:7).

Let Your arrow go forth as lightning against the enemy (Zech. 9:14).

Break their bones, and pierce them through with Your arrows (Num. 24:8).

Shoot at Your enemies with Your arrows (Ps. 64:7).

Set Your mark upon my enemies for Your arrows (Lam. 3:12).

Make Your arrows bright, and release Your vengeance upon my enemies (Jer. 51:11).