How To Study The Bible

Why Study the Bible?
Reasons to Study with your Mind and Heart
1. To know God
2. To enjoy and love God
3. To know God’s Word
4. To understand the Word
5. To learn direction in life
6. To find comfort and hope
7. To let God expose our innermost thoughts and desires
8. To become pure and holy
9. To obey the Great Commandment


How to Begin Studying the Bible
1. Plan a Study Time
2. Pray
3. Read and Re-read it
4. Know the Author
5. Take notes
6. Make the Bible Your Authority
7. Find a Group

Basic Principles of Bible Study
1. Look for God’s Over-All Plan
2. Find the Background of the Books (Five W’s and One H)
3. Read Verses in Context
4. Whole Message of God’s Word
5. Discover the Intended Meaning
6. Learn the History and Geography
7. Figurative Language
8. Forms of Literature

Inductive Bible Study
What does it say?
What does it mean?
How does it apply to me?

1. How can I find for myself what the Bible says?
2. How can I know what the Bible means?
3. How can I apply what the Bible says to myself?

Ways to Study
1. Bible Studies
2. Psalms and Proverbs
3. Overview of the Bible
4. Listen to Learn
5. Discuss the Bible with Others

Tools for Bible Study
1. Study Bibles
2. Concordances
3. Bible Software
4. Bible Dictionaries
5. Bible Atlases, Maps and Time Lines
6. Bible Commentaries and Handbooks
7. Special Bibles