The Authority of the Believer

  1. The only way we can have confidence in our authority over the enemy is to know and walk in the light of the written Word of God.
  2. God sent Jesus to the earth to redeem mankind and to restore to man his lost dominion and authority on this earth. And as man exercises the authority he has been given in Christ, he fulfills God’s plan and will upon the earth.
  3. Jesus explained to Kenneth Hagin that rulers of darkness also try to rule over believers who are not walking in the light of their redemption, or who don’t know or don’t exercise their rights and privileges in Christ. Jesus told me that according to His Word, believers are to take authority over these first three classes of demons: principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world. He said that if we on earth will bind the operation of the first three classes of demons, according to His Word, He will deal with the fourth class of demons — spiritual wickedness in high places. He gave me Matthew 18:18 to substantiate this. MATTHEW 18:18 Whatsoever ye shall BIND ON EARTH shall be bound in heaven [the heavenlies]: and whatsoever ye shall LOOSE ON EARTH shall be loosed in heaven [the heavenlies]. We are to bind evil spirits in their operation against us in Jesus’ Name, based on the authority of God’s Word (Luke 10:19; Phil. 2:9, 10; Isa. 54:17; Rev. 12:11). That is what Matthew 18:18 means. As we stand in our authority in Christ and bind the operation of the first three classes of evil spirits here in the realm of earth, that stops them in their operation against us. When we do that, then Jesus said He will deal with the highest class of demons, spiritual wickedness ruling in the high places.
  4. Evil spirits will dominate believers, if they allow them to — by consent, ignorance, or disobedience. That’s the reason people, including believers, do certain things and don’t know why they do them.
  5. Walking in the light of God’s Word ensures protection against all of Satan’s evil hosts.
  6. As long as you are in your body, you will have the desires of the fleshly carnal nature and the unredeemed soul to control. And that is the realm where Satan tries to gain access to man.
  7. With my spirit, I contact the spiritual realm. With my soul, I contact the intellectual and emotional realm. With my body, I contact the physical realm.
  8. Keeping your body subject to your spirit is one of the primary ways you protect yourself against the enemy and actually it is one of your greatest defenses against Satan.
  9. Talk and dwell on the Word, not on your problems, and the devil won’t have much to work with in your life.