How to Study the Bible Book by Book?

I recommend that whenever you study a book of the Bible, figure out the 5 Ws’ and 1 H. The first step is to select a book of the Bible and read it thoroughly; if possible, two to three times. My suggestion is that you choose a book which you are least familiar with but at the same time keep in mind that it is always a good idea to select one that you feel will help you grow in your spiritual walk with God. If you are uncomfortable with the long Books, select a short one for a start. Below is a simple set of instruction I put together to help you in this form of Bible Study.

  1. Select a Book and Read it. I recommend that you read it at least two to three times. It may consume some time but it is totally worth it in the long run. Example: Genesis.
  2. Figure out the 5 Ws’ and 1 H:
    1. Who wrote the Book? In simple words, what is the name of the writer? Example: Moses.
    2. Where was it written? In simple words, what is the name of the city and country the Book was written in? Example: Mount Sinai, Saudi Arabia.
    3. When was it written? In simple words, give an estimate of the date. Example: 1400 BC.
    4. Why was it written? What was the reason for writing the Book? Example: To tell the story of creation and the first people God created, along with those peoples’ stories and how God dealt with them.
    5. What category does the Book belong to? The major categories in the Bible are History, Poetry, Prophecy and Letters (Epistles). Example: History.
    6. How does this Book apply to my life? In simple words, what can you learn from this Book that will help you in your spiritual growth? Example: By studying the Book of Genesis, I learn about my origin (where I came from), my family history, and God’s plan of salvation. I also learn how God created everything which is in sharp contrast to the theory of evolution.
  3. Take Notes. As you read through the Book you have selected, I suggest you keep a notepad and a pen beside you. Take note of important verses and points God reveals to you. You will notice that when you read the same Book the second and third time, God will give you new revelations and certain verses will just pop out of the page almost speaking to you regarding the circumstances you are in and the people around you. Always remember, the word of God is living, alive, active and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). When you read the Bible, the Bible is also reading you. This is probably one of the reason why some Christians have a hard time reading their Bibles. God primarily deals with His children through His word. That is why it is so important to attend Sunday Service, Bible Study and Home Prayer Meetings on a regular basis.

I really hope the above three steps boost you up to read and study your Bible regularly. Always remember, the guy above (God) is always watching and listening to you; ready to speak to you through His word. God bless you all.