Jezebel Spirit Basics

  1. A Jezebel spirit is a celestial power that has worldwide influence. It is not simply a demon that possesses an individual. It is a demonic power in the heavenly realm that transcends specific geographical boundaries and can affect nations. Whatever region this power enters, it co-joins and collaborates with the ruling principality of that territory. Jezebelic powers operate in conjunction with principalities and powers that torment people (Ephesians 6:12). These demonic powers include spirits of religion, manipulation, control, lust, perversion, and the occult. These spirits often work in concert with a Jezebel spirit to build strongholds in a person’s mind. When a Jezebelic stronghold is established in a person’s mind, I define this as “coming under the influence of a Jezebel spirit.” At the moment this occurs, the individual’s rational, reasoning process begins to deteriorate. His or her thoughts and actions become distorted.
  2. A Jezebel spirit, like a virus, is designed to shut down the network and kill the host, as well as anyone who does not disconnect from the host.
  3. The longer someone operates in a controlling and manipulative way without repenting from doing so, the stronger this spirit grows.
  4. The name, Jezebel, is Phoenician in origin and means “un-husbanded.” Although she was married, her lack of submission and her infidelities proved that true marriage meant nothing to her.
  5. A spirit of Ahab symbolizes the abdication of authority, or at the very least, passive authority. It bespeaks of a mind-set that avoids confrontation and denies fault. The spirit of Ahab loves the position it has and fears confrontation. Someone with an Ahab spirit would rather make peace at any cost, even if it leads to making an unholy alliance.
  6. A Jezebel spirit defiles everything it touches. That which is holy becomes vile. People will begin to leave a church, not knowing why, simply feeling compelled to go as if they could feel the impending darkness.
  7. A true watchman is submissive to authority, whereas someone operating under a Jezebel spirit usurps authority. A true watchman does not seek authority, but he or she prays for those who have authority. In a best-case scenario, a watchman who is submitted to the Holy Spirit has the same attitude as David when he served Saul—one of restraint and respect to God’s chosen authority: The Lord forbid that I should stretch out my hand against the Lord’s anointed—1 SAMUEL 26:11A.
  8. Discrediting a prophetic leader through reason, strong opinion, and distorted facts are some tools employed by this demonic spirit.
  9. Some goals of this demonic spirit are to dilute revelation, bring about corruption, defilement, disregard, and disdain of God’s true prophetic voice.
  10. You can usually track how godly men or women form soul-tying relationships with an individual who operates with a Jezebel spirit. It begins in the realm of the soul. Both men and women will find emotional needs seemingly being met by this person. For a male leader, this will often translate into sexual needs and desires. The season of seduction may eventually climax in the act of physical adultery.
  11. Flattery is a primary tool used by someone influenced by the Jezebel spirit.