Python Spirit Basics

  1. He hinders, debilitates and destroys both the spiritual and physical life… by slowly depleting one of breath through constriction.
  2. All these entities together are the unified forces of python. All these entities together serve a unified purpose.
  3. What the spirit of python actually gets raving reviews from Satan for mastering is how effectively he keeps the bride of Christ from executing the manifest authority and power of Christ in the earth!
  4. His REAL intention is to keep the power of God from rising in the earth and contending with evil effectively!
  5. More often than not the work of python in our lives is a steady, more general onslaught of all sorts of strategies that we only occasionally perceive as attacks if discomfort is experienced.
  6. If a believer is not walking in the manifest power and authority of God or is not heading in that direction, then the spirit of python has influence in their lives. The spirit of python has us at bay! If the pastors and leaders of the churches are not fully shepherding and teaching believers how to come into their manifest authority and the power of God to the casting out of demons and healing the sick (which they evidently aren’t since for the most part the only application of healing is calling people to the altar week after week) then the spirit of python has a place in that church.
  7. The bottom line is if the believer is not exercising the authority of Christ in them for the pulling down of strongholds, for the casting out of devils, for setting the captives free, for the healing of the sick and even the raising of the dead, then the spirit of python has accomplished his goal in that believer and his father the devil is quite pleased. Period.
  8. There is a difference between trials that happen on occasion and ongoing oppression and interference. Everyone experiences a setback of some sort here and there. But when things are consistently not in ones favor and situations serve to run people into the ground, that’s the dominion of python.
  9. The fact is those who pose to be the greatest threats against the dark kingdom get the most oppressing spirits after them.
  10. Seers who are born into families where the dark kingdom already has extensive legal hold end up going through hell as they grow up. Then when they find Christ they are zealous for Him but their souls are virtually paralyzed. These are the people who are desperately crying out for answers and think they are the ones under attack. Indeed, you can call this influx of oppression an attack, but keep in mind that the influx is but a part of a much larger picture.