Parallels Between America and Rome

There are twenty-four parallels between America and Rome:

» Both had been the leading superpowers of the world

» Both had the greatest military in the world

» Both had their soldiers keep the peace

» Both occupied the Middle East

» Both had dealt directly with Israel and the Jewish people

» Both had a “Capitol Hill”

» Both had a “Statue of Liberty:” Romans had the goddess of Libertas and America’s Statue of Liberty

» Both had a senate

» Both had the same style architecture in their government buildings

» Both had a main leader (a caesar and a president)

» Both had the eagle as its emblem

» Both allowed the killing of infants

» Both allowed freedom and practice of homosexuality

» Both had stadiums for sports events

» Both had high-paid athletes loved by the empire

» Both emphasized competitive races in sports (for example, chariot races and car races)

» Both had a national anthem, which was sung at sporting events

» Both of their people stood when the anthem was sung at the stadiums

» Both had a flag and pledged their allegiance to the flag

» Both had slaves and slavery, which was later outlawed

» Both saw the middle class squeezed out of their lands and home

» Both had half their population dependent upon government money for assistance

» At the end of the Roman Empire, the senators were godless and had no religious affiliation. All religions were accepted, but Christians were persecuted for being intolerant.