Deliverance Questionnaire


Have you ever, just for fun, out of curiosity or in earnest:


1. Had your fortune told by tea leaves, palm-reading, a crystal ball, etc.?


2. Read or followed horoscopes or had a chart made for yourself?


3. Practiced yoga or Transcendental Meditation?


4. Attended a séance or spiritualist meeting?


5. Had a reincarnation reading about who you were in some previous existence?


6. Played with an Ouija board, tarot cards or “Dungeons & Dragons”?


7. Played games of an occult nature using ESP, telepathy, etc.?


8. Consulted a medium, acted as a medium or practiced channeling?


9. Sought psychic healing or had psychic surgery?


10. Practiced table-lifting, lifting bodies, automatic writing or soul travel?


11. Used any kind of charm for protection?


12. Practiced water-witching to find out where to dig a well?


13. Read or possessed books on witchcraft, fortune-telling, ESP, psychic phenomena or possession?


14. Had anything in your home that was given to you by someone in the occult?


15. Been fascinated by demonic topics in movies?


16. Had a fascination with the occult?


17. Accepted the writings of Edgar Cayce or any other New Age author?


18. Practiced mind control over anyone, cast a magic spell or sought a psychic experience?


19. Contacted a psychic in person or through a psychic hotline?


20. Made a pact with Satan or been involved in Satan worship?


21. Attended witchcraft or voodoo ceremonies?


22. Known of any relatives or ancestors who have been involved in witchcraft, pagan religions, fortune-telling or who have used magic spells?


23. Visited a shrine or temple of a non-Judeo-Christian religion?


24. Been involved in Freemasonry? Had anyone in your family involved?


25. Embraced the fallacy that we are self-sufficient and do not need God?


26. Used LSD, marijuana, cocaine or any “mind-expanding” drugs?


27. Had a problem with alcohol? How about other family members?


28. Exposed yourself to pornography in magazines, TV or stage shows, books, topless bars or X-rated movies?


29. Had a problem with habitual masturbation?


30. Been involved in sexually deviant practices?


31. Been involved with a number of people sexually?


32. Had an abortion or fathered a child who was aborted?


33. Wished yourself dead?


34. Wished somebody else dead?


35. Attempted to take your own life?


36. Attempted to take (or taken) someone else’s life? 



Taken from the Book, "Deliverance from Evil Spirits" written by Francis MacNutt