The Giving Christian

Scripture Reference: Mark 12:41-44 New International Version (NIV)

The Widow’s Offering

41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”


In this particular passage, the eyes of Jesus are very specifically on the offerings. This is not just any offering but money collected for the temple treasury. This offering will be used only for the repair and maintenance of the temple. It is very important to note that tithe is not mentioned. I wondered why that is? Then I saw it. I was fasting when God brought me to this specific passage and I got the intuition to read and study this part of the passage from the Holy Spirit. You see my friends; tithe in the Old Testament was paid, that’s right, paid to the Levites, the chosen tribe who carried out the work of God at the temple. Tithe was used by the Levites to take care of their needs and other expenses. As for the repair and maintenance of the temple, there was a box put outside the temple where people were welcome to put in an offering according to their desire. Here is the difference between tithe and offering: Tithe is one tenth of your increase whereas Offering is anything you give apart from the tithe i.e. whatever you give in excess of your tithe. Another major difference between tithe and offering is that tithe is paid whereas offering is given as in freewill giving. Tithe shows obedience whereas offering shows your genuine concern or love for God’s work. A lot of times, folks forget that God has graciously poured out all His blessings onto His children. Should we not also have the same attitude and give cheerfully for His work in our churches? If we become stuck onto tithe, then we are again making the mistake that the Israelites made. Their heart was not for God’s work and they did the bear minimum as a show of fleshly works. You see if your heart is for God, then you will by all means possible, wherever needed, whatever needed, pour out your blessings even your very life for His work, kingdom and glory. It will be spiritually so natural, joyful, peaceful and normal. But if we are still attached to the fleshly desires and ways, then paying your tithes and giving offerings is a burden on the human heart. It is indeed unnatural, foolish, absurd and unworldly.

You see, the attachment to the material must be broken and the attachment to the spiritual that is intimacy to our creator must be promoted or else we will have a very hard time willing to live an obedient life. The BIOS, physical life force must be put to death in Christ and ZOE, the God kind of life must replace it. That is what Paul meant when he said if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things have passed away, behold everything has become new. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand this concept. When the widow gave the two penny, she literally gave her BIOS away i.e. the physical life force that causes attachment to the material goods and wealth. She literally broke down the bondage to the world and threw herself onto the tender mercies and loving-kindness of her creator to provide. She was not trying to hold back or retain or hide some money for security purpose thinking what if God does not take care of me and I am left to hunger, starve and die. She did not know that God was watching her attitude, sacrifice and love for His temple, work and kingdom. Now let us consider the other people who gave way more than her. It is true that they gave a lot more but they did not pour out their BIOS, they retained a good sum so that just in case God does not bless me, the retained amount is my security according to my own efforts to survive and live well. People who doubt upon God’s promises indeed don’t get any and self-centered people naturally self-destruct at the end. The God of self must die before the ZOE i.e. the God kind of life takes birth in us and all of God’s ways and methods become natural to us. That is why the bible says we are aliens in this world, a people from another planet living as foreigners on earth. As soon as that new kind of life, ZOE, God kind of life takes birth in us and we submit to that new life, we start operating according to those heavenly spiritual principles. Just think how easy it will be to give, to love, it will feel so natural, normal and right.

My brothers and sisters, your blessings especially wealth is a spiritual thing. The devil’s kingdom operates on it and God’s Kingdom also operates on it. Let me go one step further and say that the God of self also operates on it i.e. the natural men. Invest wisely. Today you have a choice to make. If you are a Christian, then ZOE i.e. God kind of life is in you. Are you willing to operate in this life or is the natural man still triumphing over the spirit man? I say die to the natural and live in the supernatural. Without the supernatural, the divine, Christianity is just another religion. Today God is talking to you, release the fives loaves and the two fish, that others may be fed. Don’t worry, once Jesus is done, He will give you the twelve baskets of the leftover bread. That’s just the way He operates. Either you can be part of the supernatural or remain in the natural. Tough choice if you are trying to figure it out according to human means. I am afraid that by some means the devil may get you into bondage. Break the chains and release not only the praises of your mouth but also worship your God with your wealth which is a sweet smelling aroma to Christ.

To conclude, let me say this: Your gift for God’s work does not come to me. I do not benefit whatsoever from your giving. Therefore I can’t have any personal motive for telling you this. Today don’t let anyone talk you out of God’s blessings for your life. Always remember willingness and obedience brings supernatural results, not someone’s personal advice. I have not written the Bible. It is God’s word. If you believe it, obey it. If you don’t, then that’s your decision. Disobedience leads ultimately to destruction especially if you know what is right and keep doing what is wrong. It is like a dog who returns to his own vomit. Become a commander of covenant wealth. Amen.

God bless you all. Thank you.